Joker Poker Paytables

Video poker games have been gaining prominence in the gaming industry today. More players of different online sites have already tried this video game due to its payout options, extra bonuses, and availability in any platform. As a matter of fact, video poker is officially the most popular game in New Zealand no deposit casinos. Find more details on this page. Another factor to consider is the different video poker variants available which offer players a new taste on this classic table game. One of these is Joker Poker which is now an alternative for a more rewarding and exciting video poker game.

What is Joker Poker

Joker Poker, also known as Joker Wild, is another video poker variant which is catered in most online sites. Just like any other video poker selections, players need to have the best five-card combination at hand to win the round. Each round has 53 cards in the deck with the joker playing as the extra or wild card. The wild joker replaces any card in the deck to complete a winning hand. Players can consider various strategies to succeed in Joker Poker. But before learning these different gameplay approaches, they need to understand the basics of the said game.

Players need to secure their accounts at any reputable gaming site which hosts Joker Poker games. They have to place an initial wager to initiate a playing round. Upon wagering, players need to click the "deal cards" button to start the game.

They will be presented with 5 random cards on the screen from the 53-card deck. Players need to determine whether they want to remove any card on their hand or retain it if they have a possible winning hand. If they choose to discard some cards, they just need to click the "deal cards" button again to get replacement cards.

Players will either win the equivalent payout or lose their played wager depending on their played hand. They just need to secure a pair of Kings or any better cards to get rewarded with the payouts available.

If they want to activate another round, they just need to click on the "deal cards" button again to get a new hand of 5 cards.

There are also different hand combinations in this game which could win players with various payout equivalents and rewards. Since they're playing with the joker as a wild card, players have more chances of completing a winning hand. But even if they have this certain benefit, players still need to strategize their every move to maximize their advantage in winning bigger payouts.

Players may consider the idea that there are two groups of dealt hands in Joker Poker. The first group is the less fortunate one because it doesn't have any joker card. The second group has the joker card which has better chances of completing a hand. Some may consider the latter group as the easily rewarded one, but each group has its own set of strategies in winning different hand types.

For instance, if a player has four of a kind in hand, it is recommended that the fifth card to be discarded and hope to get the wild joker to complete a five-in-a-hand combination. The same strategy applies in completing a straight flush, a straight, a royal flush, and a flush to complete a winning hand.

If in case that the joker is already on the player's hand, it is advisable to discard the less rewarding cards and hope for other cards to be dealt to complete a combination. It is important to keep the wild joker as it is very vital in completing several combinations.

The Joker Poker Payout Table

In terms of the available payouts in this game, Joker Poker never fails its players in rewarding payouts and multipliers. The highest paying combination belongs to the royal flush which grants a 700x multiplier on the played stake. Next are the five-of-a-kind and royal flush with the joker which pay 200x and 100x respectively.

Players can also expect a 50x payout equivalent for straight flushes; whereas four-of-a-kind wins 20x the wager. Other low-paying combinations are the full house, flush, straight, three-of-a-kind, and two pair which reward 7x, 5x, 3x, 2x, and 1x multipliers respectively.

Compared with other video poker variants, the wild card is essential in completing different hand combinations and winning its equivalent rewards.

How Payouts are Calculated

There is also an available online payout calculator for players to ease their load in computing their total winnings in different video poker games. In this online video poker calculator site, players just need to select the video poker variant they've participated on and the payout table will be presented. They just need to click the "Calculate" button to view the return percentage and standard deviation values on the table.

Players should understand that the online calculator only presents estimates for the return percentage when they play with the usual gaming strategy. This percentage may increase a little when they use optimized or improved strategies on winning the game. The strategies listed above are just some which can win them bigger returns in Joker Poker.

Where to Play Joker Poker

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