Konami Gaming: The Arcade Hits

Konami is one of the biggest and best casino software from Japan. If you are asking what to expect with this brand, well, a lot! Konami gaming took the industry by storm with its exciting games and well designed graphics. Japan is best known for its anime and animations, making this brand of developers produce plays that come with well-design and conceptualized graphics. Konami gaming does not only settled in the East-Asia region, because they deliver their brilliance across the United States, Europe and Oceania. This review will be about some of the games included in the classic selections.

The Classic Series initiated by Konami gaming is a collection of 15 games intended to be played in Nintendo DS. The collection are games from the 80's that reinvented and redesigned to be played by the recent and younger generation. The good thing about these games is they come with short histories, making the new players understand and be acquainted with them. Some of the plays included in this Konami gaming produced games are Scramble, Pooyan, Circus Charlie, Contra and Road Fighter.

Scramble should not be mistaken with the game Scrabble because this is filled with action that concerns aircraft, missiles and enemies. It comes with different obstacles and challenges that will truly test the capacity of the player. Scramble was created and release in 1982, and within its release, it became the year's best game with a 10 out of 10 score when it comes to the reviews.

Pooyan may resemble with a Western tale wherein the characters involve pigs and wolves. In this Konami produced game, you are tasked to control "Mama", a pig whose children has been kidnaped by wolves. Do not be mistaken with Pooyan because the setting is not in a farm or barn with rural setting. Be thrilled as you access the elevator that comes with arrow and wolves obstacles preventing you to save the babies.

One of the most successful game released by the establishment is the Circus Charlie. It involves a clown named Charlie that is faced with circus related obstacles like riding a lion and passing by ring of fires, avoiding monkeys, having a trampoline jump, jump from ball to ball, ride a horse and trapeze spree. After completing the six levels, you will start from the first challenge but the phase will be faster.

Glory and honor, that is the motto of the game Contra that became popular in 1987. Two guerilla men are bound for a journey in New Zealand to defeat enemy forces and uncover the reality of the aliens controlling them.

Adrenaline rush is the drama of Road Fighter. It comes with 4 challenging courses that will drive your cars crazy, and you, as the driver, will be filled with adrenaline to race against your opponents. It was released in 1984 and the first racing arcade released by the establishment.

The five games mentioned here are just part of a longer list. The listings will show you how varied and exciting the plays present in the collection. The next thing you should do is to give them a try since they are all worthwhile.