History Of A Joker

There is much to a joker that most of us are not aware of, aside from being a unique playing card; it has a colorful history based on various interpretations as to how it is being played. It was first introduced in 1860 by the Americans when it was used as the highest trump card in a trick-taking game called Euchre. As a matter of fact, It is believed that the word 'joker" came from the word "Jucker", the German spelling for Euchre. During those times, the card has been known to have several names such as best bower or jolly joker.

In an alternate theory, it was originally established as a wild card in the game of poker however in favor of the first theory on the history of a joker, this belief was largely discredited. This confusion came up due to the utmost popularity of the game. It was in 1880 when this card carried a clown or court jester symbol due to its name. This card however is often associated with "The Fool" in the Tarot deck because of the many similarities they shared which include appearance and play function.

In card games, two jokers are placed in a standard deck. But its uses may vary depending on the rules of the game. Today, most games, consider it as an overlooked item in the deck while other games omit the card entirely. At this point the card became the "wild card" which often used as informal replacements for lost cards in a deck.

The card can be extremely useful or extremely harmful. When playing online poker in casinos, it is considered a good bonus to have this card at hand. You have an option to use a bonus code which is always available in the floor.