Joker Poker - A List Of Basic Rules

Joker poker is considered a timeless classic and is a staple in many casinos. The popularity of this poker version makes it extremely popular and some clubs even offer it as a group event. Whether it's the ease of playing this game or the suspense of who walks away with the jack pot, the game is irresistible.

Nonetheless, if this is your first time getting to know about the game, here's a brief overview of joker poker rules to help you along.

Two's Company, Three's allowed

When you're starting off a game of joker poker, one of the first rules you should know is the number of players per group. The maximum number is seven but some clubs, casinos or groups may choose to follow a minimum or maximum number of their own choosing. Nonetheless, the larger the group, the larger the jackpot one can hope to win if they get the joker.

Throw the Deck Away

According to the rules of the game, you will have 52 playing cards and 1 joker card. Every time players come together, they're meant to take a card and see if they get a joker or not. Players will continue to draw cards and the game won't end until the card shows up.

Winner Takes All

Another one you should keep in mind is that the winner takes all. Although you have to contribute towards the jackpot, the one who gets the joker gets to take the whole jack pot home with them. However, many people love the anticipation and suspense that this builds up and are more than okay with this rule.

While these are just a few joker poker rules, you should read up on the complete rule book before you make an attempt at the game.